Vietnam Healthcare Comparison 1 – Is it like Thailand?

While it's tempting to analyze Vietnam healthcare trends by analogizing to Thailand, the benefits of this approach are limited.

Vietnam city

Your first bowl of Ho Chi Minh City's renowned pho, piled high with what to untrained senses seem like a multitude of variations of Thai basil, will combine inside your mind with the sensations and memories brought on by the humid climate and steady … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About That Financial Times Article …

Last week's FT had a pretty interesting article on the challenges foreign senior care operators and investors are encountering in China. What - if anything - should we take away from this article?


If you haven’t already, head over to the Financial Times and read Patti Waldmeir’s column titled “The Changing Face of Growing Old in China.” Most of us in the senior care sector have read, written and been quoted by a number of press outlets over … [Read more...]

The Vietnam Healthcare Moment

With the government's attention ready to turn away from stoking the fires of the economic engine, healthcare is ready to be reformed and we're going there to figure out what's happening

Vietnam healthcare exploration

Readers of this site are likely already familiar with our work beyond China.  Last year saw us be the first company to profile Myanmar’s healthcare system, with a detailed report on the country’s healthcare system and opportunities for foreign … [Read more...]

China Might Slow, But the Region Won’t

As expectations from China are tempered, the South East Asian market becomes even more important to pharmaceutical and medical device companies.


Last May, Frost & Sullivan published a report that received good attention from pharmaceutical and medical device companies. The report, titled “BRIC is Not Delivering Promises of High Growth in Healthcare Markets,” brought much-needed clarity to … [Read more...]