University of Michigan Global Health Innovation Fellowship: CHINA

Some readers of this blog are probably very strong candidates for the following post-graduate fellowship opportunity being offered by the University of Michigan Medical Innovation Center. Fellowship applicants should be adept at Mandarin, and have a graduate degree in business, engineering or medicine. What follows is the full description of the fellowship, and all contact information can be found if you follow the links provided.

Building on the success of its first four cohorts of Innovation Fellows, the University of Michigan Medical Innovation Center is creating a Global Health Innovation (GHI) Fellowship program. With initial funding from Susan and Richard Rogel, the GHI Fellowship team, comprised of both Chinese and US fellows, will pilot a new process for tackling “grand challenges” in healthcare. Initially developed for implementation in China, the GHI Fellowship is based on the strong foundation of the Joint Institute for Translational and Clinical Research formed by the University of Michigan Medical School and Peking University Health Science Center. The GHI Fellowship will expand over time to other countries with environments ripe for medical innovation, including India, Africa, and South America. Clinical immersion and solution deployment will occur in-country, using local resources, supply chains and distribution systems. 

The goals of the pilot, which is expected to involve two to three Fellows operating alongside a traditional Innovation Fellowship team, will be (1) to create a viable solution to an unmet need with commercial potential, for deployment in-country; (2) to develop a preliminary understanding of how to identify, develop and implement health innovations in diverse environments; (3) to establish strong relationships between Chinese and US fellows to support future collaboration; (4) to establish a meaningful and productive joint innovation program between Peking University and the University of Michigan.


  • Pilot program 2012-13
  • Full cohort begins 2013-2014, pending funding
  • “Grand Challenge” in healthcare
  • Joint fellowship with Peking University
  • 5-6 postgraduate fellows from developing country; 3-4 postgraduate fellows from US
  • Team training in innovation process at U-M
  • Combined team evaluates unmet needs in developing country and designs solutions for production, distribution, application in-country

Later Consideration:
Conduct 5-year study of innovation in China, both following fellowship and studying the unique aspects of in-country support and infrastructure needs. Lead researcher will participate in innovation process development with MIC innovation advisory group.

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